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Techtic’s Top 5 Batman Costumes

For the purpose of being more relatable to the general public, I am ranking the Batman costumes from the cinematic adventures from worst to best. Before we delve into that, however, I would like to share my all time favorite costume from the comics (that is also available to be unlocked in Arkham Origins) and it is: Batman One Million. He just looks so much more badass than the standard Batman and it just blows my mind!


Now that we got that out of the way, let us move to more pressing matters…Who has the top costume?!

6) Val Kilmer’s Batman


Not only does this suit have the infamous Batnipples, but then it was dipped in a vat of oil. ITS SO SHINNY!

5) George Clooney’s Batman

AHH Damn those Batnipples. They strike again.
I don’t care how bad his acting was or even the various plot falls in this movie. I cannot take my eyes off those Bat Nipples and that is why this suit is at the bottom of the list.

4) Ben Affleck’s Batman


I know I am going to get flack for this one, but this is a costume contest and from what I see in this picture there really is nothing super stunning about this incarnation of Batman. He does look quite buff though.

3) The Man, The Legend, Adam West’s Batman


This man started it all. Based on novelty alone Adam West’s Batman moved right up the list. Unfortunately, there has been much better redesigns since his debut.

2) Christian Bale’s Batman 


This Suit had it all. It was modern, looked well armored, and the secret compartments kept coming. I was not a fan of the logo being difficult to see but, overall this was a solid rendition.

1) Michael Keaton’s Batman


This one is and always will be my favorite Batman suit (don’t quote me on that). It was intimidating , yet stayed true to the Batman “look”. Not to mention Michael Keaton did a fantastic acting job. Even the Lego Movie used this Batman suit in the film.

tumblr_n1fpu4PpcH1toamj8o1_500 (1)

Do you agree with my picks? What is your favorite suit in the movies or comics/ games? Share in the comments below!


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