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Long-awaited PS4 4.50 update goes live tomorrow – for real this time

Well, how about that? The internet dealt us another dodgy hand regarding exciting news but actually only by an inch this time. Sony Playstation just announced today that the eargerly-awaited 4.50 firmware update will be rolling out sometime tomorrow, providing some brilliant new features for both base PS4 and Pro users.

Said features have already been pasted all over the world wide web but I’m here to give you a quick rundown of the most exciting ones in store.

A whole lot of upgrades are coming soon!



    Remember the ease with which you could set your own wallpapers on PS3? How about those tasty screenshot backgrounds on your Vita? Well, it took a few too many updates to be honest but that same ability is finally here for PS4 users. Starting tomorrow, you can use any screenshot as a custom wallpaper whilst also being able to select a different color for your profile’s layout. Finally we’ll get to make even better use of those great Photo Modes!

    Picture credit: Playstation Blog



    Having trouble with that measly 500GB or 1TB drive? Not to worry: starting tomorrow, forget about having to switch internal memory and invest in a more practical external HDD. Just make sure the device supports USB 3.0 and you’re ready to safely store every one of those gigantic titles.

    More memory = more games to play



    If you own a PSVR, there’s also something in your stocking. Starting tomorrow, the VR system will feature improvements in terms of resolution and smoother content reproduction in Cinematic Mode, besides allowing you to view 3D Blu-Ray discs with the headset.

    Picture credit: Playstation




    Finally, it’s here. The long-awaited “Boost Mode” will be hitting all PS4 Pro systems, bringing with it (mostly) improved performances on non-Pro-patched PS4 titles. The major introduction is supposed to subtly but effectively enhance the way you play “legacy” titles, providing smoother framerates, shorter loading times and better frame pacing on most games – however, be aware that this is not a black and white matter, with results possibly varying from title to title.

    It is also not a magical solution to improve certain permanent issues by itself, meaning that games locked at 30fps won’t somehow starting performing at 60fps just because Boost Mode is enabled.
    Even so, this may just be one of the most highly-anticipated news surrounding the newer system and I, for one, am ridiculously excited to discover just how much this patch will improve older games’ performances.

Pro owners like me can rejoice – Boost Mode is finally upon us

What features are you most looking forward to in 4.50? Do you think this came at a good time for Sony and PS4 users? Share your opinions with us in the comments below and over on Twitter @N3rdbomberBlog!

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