We aim to create a new, dynamic web community for nerds to express their opinion and interests – focusing on gaming, media, books, etc.

One afternoon, while several friends were poring over some crappy Chinese take-out and engineering homework, an idea was conceived in a fit of rampant proscrastination and daydreaming. The dream? A blog – nay, a community – where likeminded nerds could gather to discuss the wide world of nerdy interests. Setting aside the books, the friends sketched out a plan that would soon come to fruition under the name “NerdBomber.”

The friends wrote about various topics, hoping to appeal to the many interests of nerddom. Bryan Kuddly contributed his passion for Pokemon and all things Nintendo, while adding a musical flair to the blog. Techtic1 let his love of tinkering and DIY projects shine through, and wrote some tutorials for makeshift gadgets and Arduino applicatons. Firestorm501’s love of console gaming, books, and music gave him a wide variety to discuss, and his eloquent posts inspired discussion with fellow bloggers. And NerdBomber oversaw them all, contributing almost-daily posts touching a vast realm of topics, and managing the editorial aspects of the blog.

Alas, the blog faltered as the friends realized that their community was running stagnant. They took a hiatus and gathered their thoughts to redevelop their dream for the blog. Thus arose their new vision: “n3rdbomber.”

Since then, the blog has expanded to incorporate new authors, new topics, and new social media venues.

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